Counseling Services

I provide short-term counseling (12-24 sessions) aimed at helping clients overcome problems they are experiencing in their day-to-day lives. I work collaboratively with clients to go through three stages in counseling: 1) exploration of the difficulty they are going through; 2) insight into the issues underlying their struggle; and 3) action steps necessary to resolve their problems.  My counseling style is interactive and directive while respecting my client's freedom to choose their own path in working through their struggles.

As a psychologist, I am ethically required to practice only within the scope of my training and expertise. In light of that, the problems I help clients with include mood disorders (depression, anxiety, and toxic anger), adjustment difficulties (coping with loss, separation and divorce, and work-related stress), and conflict in interpersonal relationships. Regarding relationship difficulties, I help people overcome barriers to intimately connecting with others so they can develop a loving and lasting bond with those in their life. I am not trained to help people who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, abuse, or addictions. If you are dealing with these issues, I will refer you to other professionals for help.

My counseling approach also has a educational/coaching bent to it in that when time allows I train clients in core areas of psychological health that will enable them to keep growing long after counseling is over. The specific areas I educate and train clients in include:
  • developing a healthy attachment with others (bonding)
  • overcoming faulty thinking (beliefs)
  • taking appropriate responsibility (boundaries)
  • facing versus avoiding problems (boldness)
  • seeking and offering forgiveness (brokenness and benevolence)
  • developing an accurate sense of identity and worth (being)
  • achieving balance in life (balance)
  • grieving losses (bereavement)


The fee for a 45 minute counseling session is $170. I ask that clients pay with check or cash each time they have a session. My clients are responsible for filing their own insurance claims. I provide clients with a receipt that has a diagnosis and all pertinent information needed to file a claim.