Whatever you may think of yourself at this very moment, it might interest you to realize that before you were born someone was thinking about you.

You were considered by others before you took your very first breath, or saw the world with your own eyes.

It can be easy to think less of yourself than your true worth. It’s not uncommon for any of us to be our own worst critic, harder on ourselves than anyone else might be.

Even when others may seem to be inconsiderate of you – it’s important to remember that you have value and worth that is without measure in the eyes of those who know and love you.

Whatever you may think of yourself at this moment – someone else was thinking of you before you were ever able to form a thought. And He has never stopped thinking of you.

The truth is this:

Before you were born, God had a plan that included you. And He still does. That’s why you are who you are – and that’s why you are here!

He thought of you and wanted you and has always had a plan for you.

What do you think of that?