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The Lies We Believe



In a world that is veering dangerously off course from what it calls “truth” comes a classic work that unmasks the lies we unwittingly believe, lies that destroy us and ultimately damage our emotional health, relationships, and spiritual life. This 30th Anniversary edition of The Lies We Believe explores the most damaging lies we believe about ourselves, relationships, life, men, women, and most importantly, God. and how they keep us from living, and enjoying, an abundant life. 12 core truths are presented to inspire you to re-evaluate why you believe what you believe, so that you can be transformed by the renewing of your mind and enjoy the amazing life you’ve been given!

The Lies We Believe workbook

The must-have companion to the book, The Lies We Believe…


The reality is that we lie to ourselves every day. We tell ourselves things that are inaccurate, distorted, untrue, irrational, mistaken, and, most importantly, unbiblical. Truth matters – not just between us and others, but also inside of us. When we lie to ourselves, we poison our souls and lead an existence we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. But when we tell ourselves the truth, we nourish our souls and fully experience the abundant life that Jesus wants us to have. Get the workbook here!

The Lies Couples Believe



Addressing the 10 most destructive Lies Couples Believe, readers are encouraged to view this most sacred relationship through the eyes of The One who ordained marriage to be rewarding, comforting, and above all – enjoyable. The loving truth is presented to inspire you to re-evaluate who you love, why you love, and what you truly believe about love, so that can be free to experience and enjoy the kind of intimate and fulfilling realtionship you were meant to have.

The Lies We Believe About God



Insightful truths about the 10 thoughts that affect everyone’s view of God, damaging our relationship with Him, keeping us from enjoying the abundant life He offers us. Discover how Stinkin’ Thinkin’ influences our ability to know God for who He really is and how knowing God more intimately can bring greater meaning and immeasurable joy to your life. This engaging, biblically rooted book invites you to see the truth about The Lies We Believe About God – and who God really is – setting you free to enjoy a deeper relationship with Him!

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