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Counseling Services

My counseling approach also has a educational/coaching bent to it in that when time allows I train clients in core areas of psychological health that will enable them to keep growing long after counseling is over. The specific areas I educate and train clients in include:

  • Developing a healthy attachment with others (bonding)
  • Overcoming faulty thinking (beliefs)
  • Taking appropriate responsibility (boundaries)
  • Facing versus avoiding problems (boldness)
  • Seeking and offering forgiveness (brokenness and benevolence)
  • Developing an accurate sense of identity and worth (being)
  • Achieving balance in life (balance)
  • Grieving losses (bereavement)

My Practice

As a psychologist, I am ethically required to practice only within the scope of my training and expertise.

In light of that, the problems I help clients with include mood disorders (depression, anxiety, and toxic anger), adjustment difficulties (coping with loss, separation and divorce, and work-related stress), and conflict in interpersonal relationships.

Regarding relationship difficulties, I help people overcome barriers to intimately connecting with others so they can develop a loving and lasting bond with those in their life.

I am not trained to help people who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, abuse, or addictions. If you are dealing with these issues, I will refer you to other professionals for help.

working with me

Counseling sessions are only offered at my Austin, Texas office. Please phone for an appointment. Sessions are 45-minutes and the fee is $190 – payable by check, cash, or Venmo each time clients have a session. Clients are responsible for filing their own insurance claims. I provide a receipt that includes the diagnosis and all pertinent information needed to file a claim. 

Dr Thurman's Office Policies

Information on my practice as well as an intake form for you to fill out and return to me prior to your office visit.

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