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For over forty years, I’ve been conducting personal growth seminars, speaking to thousands of hurting people from every walk of life, who are searching for answers to their problems.

My seminars are aimed at maximum learning through presentations, discussions, exercises, and a healthy dose of humor thrown in for good measure.

Topics Include:

Topics Include:

Emotionally Healthy Christianity

Spiritual and emotional health cannot be separated.  Many people who are Christian in their worldview struggle to be emotionally healthy followers of Christ.  In this seminar, twelve core attributes of the emotional health of Christ are explored with an eye toward how we can become more like Him in these ways.


The Lies We Believe

We all suffer from faulty beliefs as we go through life, and these flawed ways of viewing reality damage our emotional health and relationships with others.  This seminar explores the most damaging “lies” we believe and how to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” in order to become a spiritually and psychologically healthy person. During the seminar, we explore lies we believe about ourselves, others, and God and the truths that can set us free to live the abundant life. This seminar is based on my books The Lies We Believe, The Lies Couples Believe, and The Lies We Believe about God.


Making Marriage Work

Marriage is a blessing from God and to be stewarded to the best of our abilities.  Many couples want to have a closer relationship with their spouse but don’t know how to achieve it.  The purpose of this seminar is to help couples better understand the most important areas they are to work on in order for their marriage to be the healthy and loving relationship God intended it to be.  Couples are helped to assess how they are doing in these areas of marital growth and development and what it will take to work out their “marital salvation” as husband and wife.

The Markers of Manhood

We live in a day an age where there is a lot of confusion about authentic manhood and womanhood.  This seminar tackles the former by helping men better understand how God meant them to be so they can interact with others in a truly healthy and loving manner.  Avoiding stereotypical and unbiblical interpretations of what it means to be a “real” man, participants are helped to look honestly at themselves and commit to overcoming unhealthy ways of expressing masculinity so that their interactions with the ones they love are improved.


Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself

We all struggle with toxic shoulds and shouldn’ts as we go through life, and they steal the joy that we can experience along the way.  This seminar explores the twenty deadliest ways you ‘should all over yourself’ and how to break free from them. Based on my book by the same name, this seminar can help liberate you from “the tyranny of the shoulds” and help you to experience a healthier life.


Pop’s Advice

Children and grandchildren are wonderful blessings. And they need the best advice possible for their lives to turn out well. This seminar, based on the book, Pop’s Advice, is for parents and grandparents who want to steer their kids and grandkids in the right direction. In it, the most important pieces of advice we can give the younger generation are explored so we can be the best parents and grandparents possible. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re guiding your kids and grandkids in the right direction, this seminar is for you.


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